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jammer extension step guide - 5-Band Portable Cell Phone 2G 3G & GPS Jammer

Product Description It is very irksome that the phone rings are here and there when you are enjoying an opera or having classes or praying in the church, etc. It is not approriate to use phones in...

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jammer extension ods column - Car Lock Jammer 315/433 MHz Car Remote Jammer 30 Meters Radius

Specifications: Jamming Radius: UP to 30 m Blocking Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz Power Up Source: 9V Heavy Duty Battery(not included) Output Power: 3 Watts Working current:80mA...

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phone wifi jammer using - High Power Portable GPS and Cell Phone Jammer(CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G)

Product Description   This is a powerful jammer with dual function-one is to anti GPS tracking device and the other is to block mobile phone signal to protect important event. Firstly, this...

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phone jammer amazon appstore - Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer(CDMA,GSM,DCS,PHS,3G

Product Description Welcome to this Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer world! Like other cell phone jammer products, it can effectively disable all kinds of mobile phones. By adapting the same...

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china wifi jammer cordless phones - Professional Portable Cell Phone / GSM+GPSL1 + WIFI Jammer

Portable Cell Phone  / GSM+GPSL1 + WIFI   jammer with the latest design and makes it beter for you to carry and use. It can block cellphone bands(NO 3G),GPS bands simultaneously. And what's...

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jammer beer tasting long - 5-Band Portable GPS & Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Product Description Equipped with high efficient antenna, this 5-Band Portable GPS & Cell Phone Signal Jammer is designed to block all GPS, GSM, CDMA, DCS system signals up to 10m radius....

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